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HexaEight's Flow Platform helps you in chaining multiple programs or scripts written in any language to create a Visual Flow Chart Process that transforms into an Automation Workflow that is capable of being executed by HexaEight's Patcher Bots. Workflows are language agnostic and every subtask in the workflow has the capability to communicate with other tasks in the same machine environment or with another machine environment.  Flow Platform provides tools to help test the workflow code prior to execution.  Flow Platform also provides an interface to add knowledge base questions to each step for effecient collaboration with Patcher Bots.


Process FLOW Features

Language Agnostic

Each and every Sub task in the Workflow can use any programing language interpreter for code execution. For example if your first subtask calls powershell, the second subtask can call python as long as your underlying OS has the capability to understand the interpreter.

Execute Programs or Scripts

Workflow Subtasks can call executables or can invoke scripts or just commands using its Interpreter. Remote Executable or Script Execution is not allowed and all code executes in the realm of the machine environment.

Execution Modes

Executables and Scripts can run either in the Foreground or Background Mode thus providing you with the flexibility to invoke a script in the background even if the underlying interpreter does not allow it.

Code Repository Support

We built our platforms keep developers in mind. Any script can be pointed to using a private or a public github repository or any other repository url and our platforms have the capability of pulling the latest source code for execution.

Visual FlowChart

Flow Platform connects every subtask into a flow chart which helps you visualise the big picture of the automation workflow. Any changes to the subtask is reflected instantly in the flowchart.

Code Tester

Flow Platform provides tool called Code Tester to effectively test your code prior to deployment in your environment.  This will ensure code execution is flawless at runtime.

Question Knowledge Base

Every subtask in a Workflow can be associated with a set of knowledge based questions that will map the output of the subtask.  These questions form the training data for the Patcher bots to provide answers to workflow related questions

Password Protected Workflows

All workflows saved on our Servers are protected by passwords.  Workflows cannot be shared privately or publicly with anyone as long as the passwords for the workflow are kept safeguarded.  All workflow data are encrypted during transit as well as at rest on our servers.

Sample Workflow


The below sample Workflow developed using FLOW monitors the connectivity and Load Average and sends an alert message on Failure.Each Sequence is a Step that is associated with a TAG which will be executed either in Foreground or Background. Sequence Steps with Decision Flow Logic need to be repeated. A one line code can be passed in the program arguments, or you can point to a local or GitHub Repository for source code.

Monitoring FlowChart

FLOW will automatically render a Flow Chart that can be understood by everyone. FLOW's Decision Logic is not limited to just YES or NO since it can execute multiple steps upon each decision.


Really? YES.

The Flow Platform is completely FREE if you just want to develop your Workflows using our Desktop Flow Editor and save it locally in your environment. However, If you decide to go with this approach, you wont be able to edit the Workflow later on and have to recreate your workflow from scratch with changes and save it again locally but this an alternative if you do not have too many workflows and need a one time creation of worklows. Flow Platform also allows you to save unlimited workflows on or Servers for a Subscription Fee. Click on the Pricing to know more.

Desktop FLow Editor has an inbuilt Code Testing Tool that allows code testing of your workflow. Currently Desktop Flow Editor is available only on Windows.


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