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HexaEight Next Generation Platforms provides Real-time Messaging Services, Automation Workflow Creation and Execution using On Premise Software Robots To Help You Achieve More Productivity And Save Substantial Costs In Your Environment.



Our Messaging Platform is powered by SignalR that allows real time commucation of data and messages.



Flow Is Our Platform To Design And Orchestrate Process WorkFlows For Execution In Your Environment.



Patchers a.k.a Workers Are Our Next Generation Robots That Execute WorkFlows Designed By Flow.



Communicator Is Our Online Chat Platform To interact and colloborate With Patchers In Your Environment.


Powered By SignalR


SignalR Service

HexaEight SignalR Service allows your Web, Mobile, Desktop and IOT Clients to communicate in real-time using its Instant Message Delivery Platform. You can scale to any number of connections and have messages delivered to all your clients instantly. All your client need is your API Key. Any client connected using any of your API key will receive the Message. All clients connected will remain connected Forever unless forcibly disconnected.


Messaging Platform Features

Real Time Communication

Realtime Messaging is the Backbone of every automation platform. Our SignalR Service Platform provides this capabilitiy and allows our Robots to remain connected 24x7 and exchange data messages with each other in Real-Time.  Our Real time platform can also be used by your own Clients to add real time communication capabilities.


Additional Clients can be added on the fly and there is no limitation to the number of simultaneous connections that can be extended to your application or product.


All communication within our platforms are protected by end to end encryption. This means your data remains safe during transit at all times.


We built our platforms keep developers in mind.  Hence we provided a feature for locking messages that will be very useful especially when contention for a resource occurs in a messaging platform.

Delivery Verification

The messaging platform ensures a copy of the message is also received  by the sender to ensure that the sender knows that the communication of the sent message was a success


HexaEight Messaging Platform uses the least used Transport Protocol called Long Polling and converts it to the best offered Service by ensuring there is no disconnection.

Support for multiple Clients

Clients from different languages can establish connection using our Platoform.  Support for .NET Core Clients and JavaScript Web Clients is available and has the ability to integrate smoothly with other languages 

Cost Effective

The Messaging platform has a simple pricing so that it benfits everyone from using our Messaging Platform without thinking about balooning costs in the long run.

HexaEight SignalR Service Provider

HexaEight SignalR Messaging Service is hosted and can be subscribed from our Service Provider's Page.  For additional Documentation please Click Here

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Technology Innovators

We Are A Team Of Technology Professionals Who Love Creating Innovative Solutions For Automation. 

We @ HexaEight Have A Vision To Create Platforms That Will Revolutionize Technology And Automation.


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