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HexaEight Next Generation Platforms provides Real-time Messaging Services, Automation Workflow Creation and Execution using On Premise Software Robots To Help You Achieve More Productivity And Save Substantial Costs In Your Environment.

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Software Automation is the driving key factor of today's technological innovations and new automation tools are evolving everyday. Cloud APIs promise to provide an interface within automation subtasks.  But the thruth is even if it would be possible to automate certain  sub-tasks of one macro-task using different systems or API, the complexities of interfacing every one of them together in    order to fully automate the macro-task gets daunting at times.

HexaEight provides FREE Software Robots and Platforms that have the capability to execute multiple subtasks like executables, batchfiles, single or multiple lines of interpreter based code in any language linked up with each other like a flow chart. Our Platforms provide capabilties for sub-task Communication, Distributed Programming, Distributed Computing, Automation workflows as well as Collaboration using a chat interface with Software Robots.

Our Platforms


Flow Is Our Platform To Design And Orchestrate Process WorkFlows For Execution In Your Environment.



Patchers a.k.a Workers Are Our Next Generation Robots That Execute WorkFlows Designed By Flow.



Communicator Is Our Online Chat Platform To interact and colloborate With Patchers In Your Environment.



HexaEight Flow, Patcher and Communicator use our Messaging Platform which is Powered by SignalR that allows real time communication of infomation.

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Real Time Communication
Message Locking
Delivery Verification
SignalR Clients Support


Build Workflows
BuiltIn FlowChart
Visualise Process
Test your Code
Create Knowledgebase
Create Schedules

Patcher Bot

Workflow Execution
Multi Platform Support
InterProcess Messaging
Send Messages
Recieve Messages
OnPremise Execution


Remote Chat With Patchers
Instant Messging
Use Any Web Browser
Capture Execution Status
Group Chat
Multi Bot Communication

Who Are WE?

Technology Innovators

We Are A Team Of Technology Professionals Who Love Creating Innovative Solutions For Automation. 

We @ HexaEight Have A Vision To Create Platforms That Will Revolutionize Technology And Automation.


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